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Update by user Jun 02, 2013

I am adding an update of some words that were taken out of my posted complaint. I went with Amerigas in Middleboro Ma, they are so nice to deal with.

Also the Osterman Propane office in Bridgewater Ma are terrible to deal with. They only care about the MONEY and not the customer.

Original review posted by user May 02, 2013

I had a 5yr. contract with Osterman Propane LLC.

I was on automatic delivery which means you don't have to call for a delivery. I had a 500 gal. underground propane tank which was used for heating our home. My second year on my 5 yr.

comtract, Osterman sent me a bill for $185.00 because they said I did not use 500 gal of propane in an annual year. I called they about this bill and they said, "WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL FOR A DELIVERY." I said what, I'm on automatic delivery. I was so pissed about this and could not wait for the day that I tell them I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY CONTRACT WITH OSTERMAN. People, there are so many Propane Suppliers out there.

I went with Amerigas in Middleboro Ma, they are so nice to deal with. Ostermans customer service in Bridgewater Ma are terrible to deal with including "STUART" the manager. They were charging me $4.05 a gal. because I did not trust them any more for automatic delivery and they said I could be a WILL CALL and that the price would be the same, but it was not.

I am so happy that I don't have them any more. People, check out the Osterman Complaints online and you can judge for yourself

Monetary Loss: $185.

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Osterman Ombudsman
Bridgewater, Massachusetts, United States #686581

We are sorry that you were dissatisfied with our service. As part of an underground tank agreement, Osterman Propane installs several thousand dollars of propane equipment at no charge to the customer (we ask that customers purchase at least one tank full of propane per year).

If a customer were to use only 150 gallons a year instead of 500, we would have no way to recoup the cost of our investment.

In addition, we would need to raise the price to over $4.00 per gallon to try and pay down the cost of the equipment. We are sorry to have lost you as a customer, but are pleased that you have found another company that can better serve your needs.

to Osterman Ombudsman Middleborough, Massachusetts, United States #686708

This is a reply to Osterman Ombudsman from Bridgewater Ma. I just want to say to you that I had a 5 yr.

contract with Osterman and every year I used over 500 gal of propane. I was on automatic delivery and my second year with Osterman, they sent me a bill for $185 for MUC charge, so I called and they said that I didn't use 500 gal in the annual year. That is why I am being charged for this. I told them at Bridgewater Ma, how can I use 500 gal of propane, you only delivered one fill in the annual year.

I always have two fills in an annual year. Then your customer service rep said to me, why didn't you call for a delivery. I said WHAT, I AM ON AUTOMATIC DELIVERY< I DON"T HAVE TO CALL. That is why you should not call.

So the service rep told me that I can be a WILL CALL and that means that I WILL CALL when I check the meter on the 500 gal propane tank and then I started paying $4.05 a gal.

beause I was no longer on automatic delivery. Osterman Ombudsman if you read my complaint you should have under stood what I wrote

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