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Why would you go and fill a tank that was only filled in February of 2017 when the prices of propane is so high? I really think you should know who your customers and have an idea of how much they use for propane.

I am only 1 person that lives in my home and you came in February filled my tank at the tune of $126.oo. the other day you came and filled my tank and I had only used 28% but you stilled filled my tank WHY????? I have a family member that has you and they are a family of 4 and the last time you were delivering to them (June of 2017) they did not use much propane so you DID NOT DELIVERY any propane to them. They were filled in May of 2016.

I see a big problem with this as the family of 4 probably could have been filled and the house of 1 should not have been filled. I hope you keep track of what the people use year from year because this could be very harmful to your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Osterman Propane Propane Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Osterman Ombudsman

A reminder that we have 3 types of delivery schedules for our customers:

Automatic (heating) means our system monitors temperature by region, your historic use, and the use of other gas appliances in your home. Based on weather and daily use, we can project when your next delivery is needed.

Automatic (Julian) is a schedule for customers without primary heating appliances that have regular year-round use such as gas cooking, clothes dryers or water heaters.

We setup deliveries weekly, monthly, or even just once a year depending upon use.

Will-call delivery requires you “call” us when you need a delivery. Will-call is typically reserved for preferential or occasional use appliances like generators, pool heaters, or fireplaces.

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