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Per gallon price is based on annual usage, not on the current price of propane. Because we are conservative in our use of fuel, we are charged a higher rate per gallon.

We are on a fixed retirement budget that requires extreme care in our use of heating fuel so we run our house at 62 degrees in the winter. In a sense, we are being punished for not being wasteful. This polacy goes against everything we were taught as children growing up in post war America.

There is no reasonable explanation for this policy other than simple greed. Even getting out of the contract we have with Osterman has a fee attached to it and that adds more discomfort to the relationship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Osterman Propane Residential Gas Supply.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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They ripped people off on propane they don't care about the people just care abut the they take it


completely agree. overpriced and not customer friendly.

no matter how you work the numbers they have their fee structure to their advantage only. Why they are still in business astounds me.

This is my last winter with Osterman. Hopefully they will actually pick up the tank - oh, but I'm sure there will be a charge for that too!

to Anonymous #1427339

They do use all the gas up then have them pickup the tanks

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