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We have been a customer since 2011. Since then we have been on automatic delivery and have always paid our bill as well as overpay an amount for a few refills.

Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She was forced to retire from a job she has been at for 28 years. I, A single mother of three kids was going through a divorce the same time we we're told my mothers Life expectancy was three years or less and that those years were going to be a battle. My kids and I moved in to finacially help eachother out.

Between the medical bills, house hold bills, kids, and 2 Doctor appointments a week in Boston ( An hr-2 hr drive for us) money became tight and we were falling a little behind on our bills. We called to get a delivery one cold January night because we had run out of propane. We were told we could not get a delivery until our balance of $900 (the price to fill our tanks is $700) was paid in full in cash. We were told we could not do a payment plan.

After four days of no heat or hot water we we were able to scrounge up the money to pay the bill and had a delivery that day. The next month our bill was $700 we paid $ 500 in cash. When we called to get a delivery we were told they will deliver when the balance is paid as well as pre-paying for the delivery. Again Four days of no heat and hot water we pay The balance of $200 as well as paying for the propane that hasn't been delivered yet, $700 to be told that we had to wait till Monday ( its Thursday) because that's when someone is in our area.

Osterman did not care one bit about leaving 3 children there mother and grandmother who is extremely ill without heat and hot water for eight days. I truly and honestly don't know how this company is still in business. What this company is doing is illegal if you have gas or oil, unfortunately propane is not regulated in the state of mass.

Therefore people like them get away with doing this. Our house went up for sale two weeks ago when it sells and we move we will not be using them nor would we ever recommend them to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Osterman Propane Propane Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They are a horrible company, and shame on them for what they did to you.


Yes because THEY should take pity on a deadbeat. This entire situation is your own doing.

YOU fell behind on bills. That is NOT THEIR FAULT!!!! Obviously you prioritized something else instead of paying your gas bill. That is 10000% ON YOU!!

Why is it when you are expected to be an adult and pay your bills like everyone else people like you ALWAYS have some form of sob story for why you can’t. Everyone has strife in their life. Lots of people just deal with it instead of MAKING EXCUSES!! But not you....

no you have to air your mother’s personal medical situation as a form of it’s not MY fault. You can get the money when forced to but NOT in the time frame needed to pay the bills. It’s a business and as such they have every right to withhold service until YOU pay what YOU owe. I would think that after the first time running out of gas you would have paid better attention to paying that gas bill.

But for some odd reason you didn’t and repeated the same mistake. Be a better bill payer and this won’t happen. Also maybe take a few moments at Wally World or Lowe’s or Home Depot and pick up a forced air heater. It’s electric.

It will keep you warm. Look for an electric boiler so you can atleast have some hot water. If you can’t pay your rather large gas bill this will atleast allow you to have some comfort. They are NOT THE BAD GUYS!!!

You just need them to be because otherwise you have to admit that you screwed up. That’s called transference and people who just CANT OR WONT take responsibility do this.

It’s ok we all make mistakes it’s how you deal with them that makes YOU the bad person. Be an adult and stop blaming everything and everyone around you for YOUR MISTAKES.


I see no reason your complaining, I would not give services either til balance is paid , nor would u continue to work if your boss didn’t pay you

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