I inherited these people when I got my new home and they have been a pain in the #$%@%% since then.They want a credit check to order propane, then they want to put you on auto delivery, the pricing is bad and they basically neglect you if you do not fulfill the requirements listed above that they want.

The tank is owned by them so it is a big hassle to put in a new one or get my own tank. Basically they are a monopoly that handles customers poorly.

I would never recommend them.Please find another provider in your area to save yourself the trouble.

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Amherst, Massachusetts, United States #1264723

Completely agreed; terrible customer service; awful rates; very unpleasant experience; wish i could get rid of their tank




I have fuel assistance it's 630.00 that's to get turned on and help with covering,they can't turn on now unless they have a letter from fuel assistance....so I'm sol for heat until fuel assistance picks up there phone, cause I can't afford 300 up front


I agree completely.I also got suckered into using them.

Big big big mistake. I am a company owner myself and if I ran my company the way these guys do I'd expect to be arrested or shot. Borderline Rockefeller at the turn of the century.

I can't believe The state hasn't stepped in to protect us.I see a class action in the near future.

Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States #994998

It is well known in my local area that Osterman Gas are a rip-off company and not to deal with them.I had no choice as my landlord has a contract with them (which he regrets).

Amerigas is better, you can get co op rates which are incredibly lower than other gas companies.I recently moved and am waiting for my final bill, which I know will be inflated.

Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #769914

I agree this company sucks!!Its all about the extra fees.

They have left me without heat since new years day because I refused to pay an extra $100 on top of the $425 for 100 gal.And $75 fee to check the line because I ran out


Take a hike Oilman. you must work for Osterjew.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #670468

I was just notified that I was switched to Osterman without my knowledge.I was using Whiting then bam......I'm getting Osterman.

They CLAIM they made two deliveries. But yet only got a delivery slip for one. THEY put me on automatic delivery. I live alone and barely use propane....my bill is $252....and the bill doesn't say how many gallons I got.

I didn't ask for them, they don't own the tank, whiting does.

I want OUT!!:(


I wish I had the money to remove their tank and go with another company. They are horrible.


Im so sick of these people with their cut thoraot tatics , I want gas!

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