I work at osterman propane in northbridge mass and they are the worst company to work for the area leader is the worst manager and my boss sucks ever I drove off with with my nozzle still attached to a tank and they suspended me can you believe that it wasnt my fault fault Iwas caught smoking next to a propane tank but they dint fire me and there was a guy who slole deisil gas and tried to put it in his house but wasnt fired what joke of a comany I should quit fatman ruins this company good workers are always fuc---

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The technicians I enountered with Osterman were professional and polite. I expected a lot of them and them were up to the task, never complaining once.

They completed their work in a timely manner and cleaned up after themselves. I was extemely pleased.


WOW.... Is this thier typical employee??? If so I would stay away from Osterman Propane!


I've never seen someone obliterate the English language the way this person did. Just no regard for proper spelling or grammar. Like, hey bro, there's this thing called a period, try using one.


subject. new manager at plainfield office. is psycopath and will bring company to ruin!!!

Bancroft, Nebraska, United States #168557

I agree. Your so *** your should not be allowed near a computer.

What part of flammable gas plus ignition source(lighter) equals BOOM!! dont you get?


you're an ***

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