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Left Amerigas as they were ripping people off left and right. Bought my own 300 gal tank which no one would sell me here in MA. Found a guy who had to order one from NY! Then signed on with Osterman which was good for a few years. Suddenly service went down and the prices skyrocketed. On talking to a driver, he said it was no longer a family run business and a company in CA had bought it. I left them for Cape Cod Oil/Propane which I find more... Read more

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I have been a customer for approximately three years. I received a "final notice" for a small amount due of $395.00. Never received a call just a notice! I was hospitalized for over two months and coming home to this and seeing that they will not deliver my propane for such a small amount is despicable! I also explained to the woman I was speaking with that I smell a strong order near my stove and she basically had no regard for it! Mind you... Read more

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I had a very appreciative experience with Osterman Propane. I use propane to cook and to heat up my house, therefore I depend on Osterman propane to provide me with this vital utility. I am not one of the pissed customers, in fact I am completely with their services. They offered comprehensible plans for those like me who are having a hard time to afford paying for gas throughout the long winter season. Their customer services are very... Read more

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I moved in with tanks in place and got reassurance that there would be no problem keeping 2 tanks. Than I started getting bills for minimum usage. When I asked to have the tanks changed, they never came. When I was low on gas before my yearly contract date they wouldn't come to fill and yet they charged me again a minimum usage feel. No service, no solutions, until they came and decided to remove both tanks 2 weeks before Christmas leaving me... Read more

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CROOKS Osterman Propane is one of the worst in the industry. This company does what ever it wants when it wants. I had delivery set up on a "on call basis" it went good for about 6 months then they came and decided to fill up my tank. I called up because I did not want this fill and could not afford it after the awfully cold winter 2014. They kept telling me that in all the contracts there is only automatic deliveries. They could not explain... Read more

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I purchased a new home in 2010 that has a 500 gallon propane tank owned by Osterman. I purchased the home with the understanding that the tank was mine. After purchasing the home and doing research I found that Osterman owned it and would not fill the tank unless I signed their agreement. needing propane I did so. As a result of y research I found that a premium is charged when the propane vendor owns the tank. The suppliers shared that is was... Read more

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We ran out of Propane the Friday before Easter and they would not deliver to us over the weekend. I called the office on Monday and they said it would be 3-5 days before we could get a propane delivery. The secretary is EXTREMELY rude. We had to put a propane tank from our camper on to have hot water. An Osterman employee came to deliver propane and complained and took the regulator. We borrowed a regular from someone and put it back on. Today... Read more

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we had a renni heater installed early this winter - the installer did a great job - i did my due diligence BEFORE TALKING WITH THE SALESMAN - and found out about propane prices and problems - so i was able to go over them with the salesman BEFORE I GOT THE SERVICE! - several of my neighbors have propane - the installation took a couple of days and the inspector wanted one thing fixed - which (adam) the installer did the next day. i negotiated... Read more

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I was forced to discontinue service with Osterman propane after gas went to four dollars a gallon.When Osterman came to dig up the propane tank they refused to fill the 6foot by 6foot by 12foot trench that remained.When I questioned them about it they responded that they didn't do that.I repeatedly attempted to speak with the company concerning this issue and they just stone walled me. I am currently involved in a small claims dispute with... Read more

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i recently found out that osterman charged me $45 for a part i bought myself for $10. after finding that out i started checking prices and the company i replaced them with is 85 cents cheaper per gallon and last knowing i use propane only to heat they fillrd me up the first week in june 2010. They also called me two weeks prior of my bill due date looking for a payment b 4 they would deliver. let me put it to you like this. if they were the last... Read more

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