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I inherited this company when I purchased my home 5 years ago and in these five years I have been: Charged .50 more per unit because I choose to save energy by turning my thermostat down to 62 degrees (I don't use enough so I have to pay more), called for a delivery and the truck never shows up (ran out of propane), have had a leaky tank for 2 years and still don't have a new one.The person I've dealt with is the most unpleasant woman you can imagine.

Uggggggg!I can't take it.


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These people are absolute thieves, I have decided to disconnect their tank & roll it to the bottom of my hay field, they want me to pay to take their tank away....I'll make them work for their money!


James M works for Osterman

This company is terrible and acts with no regard for customer.

The only result will come when you take them to court.


The staff I worked with was extremely helpful and compassionate.I was very satisfied with their performance in solving our problem.

They did all they could possibly do to accomodate me every step of the way.:)


Have had osterman for over 20 years

ran out of propane on Friday

Called saturday am and left message

Monday morning when Icalled was told delivery to my town will be end of the weekif I want it before have to pay extra $99

I decided to go without hot water-

Have been on budget plan but also get charged extra for low usage


Maddog, All I can Say is stay away from Osterman!!


I have been dealing with Ostreman for more years than I wish to admit!Funny how when I owe $50.00 they call me twice a week to figure out payment but when I call about a problem it took someone 11 days to get back to me.

There customer service sucks, there service sucks and there prices are disgusting.I will be removing my 330 gallon tank asap!


They need to charge these prices to pay for the new mansion!


I've had Osterman for 4 years as a renter.I live in a very old building and the windows were old and there was little to no insulation left and it was costing me way more money thatn I had to heat this place.

After 2 years of begging, the landlord replaced the drafty windows and put insulation in the attic. Yay! But my propane bill kept going up. Why?

Oh, because I was using 1/3 less propane which put me in a higher pay rate. I also try to be conservative and keep my heat low, 60 at night 65 during the day if I'm home. Why should I be charged 4.21/gallon? So Two days ago I called and gave them one more opportunity to lower my rate and of course they said no.

So I told them I didn't want anymore fill ups from them, that I was going to empty the tanks and call to have them removed once they were empty. I even asked the evil customer service person to confirm that I would not receive anymore fuel from them. So wht did they do? They came the next day and filled up my tanks and increased my rate another .10 cents.

I've called the Consumer Protection Division of the DA's office and filed a complaint.Osterman is so seeing me in court!


I too had osterman thrown upon me when I bought my house.

I met the branch manager and he seemed nice enough. The person I speak with at that branch is awful at customer service.

When I called she asked how much was in my tanks and told her. Never said a word about it not being correct. When they left the bill it was double what I expected.. Her response was what's the big deal? I said the big deal was I was expecting to pay for 1 tank not two.

She told me I was a problem customer and that to let her know when I want my tanks removed. That was her answer to customer service. By the way still have not come out to fix the tank. I still don't know how much I have in there. By the way they are tanks that are a few months old not old ones.

If anyone knows the corporate office address or phone number I will take it with a warm welcome. I think the owners would like to know how the branches deal with the customers that pay their checks every week.


I have always had a pleasant experience with HL Fuel in NY state. My brother worked for Harry (the owner) and I have always gotten great rates and had a great experience. I recommend that you all buy your own tanks, the price per gallon is always ALOT less and since you are just asking for their best price and they have to compete for your business, you get a much better deal!

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