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I inherited Osterman when we bought our new first house 17 years ago. We only had cooking, Dryer, and Hot Water two years ago we added a small gas heating stove. We had a rocky start at best and decided to change companies, but not that easy!! Two years ago my husband (who is 100% VA disabled)and so sick we were on our way to the hospital and our oil burner broke, so the only heat we had was the gas stove, I called to get delivery, Even though it wasn't the DAY they come to Millis and they charged me and additional $100 to deliver on an "off Day". Over the next two years I was on "will call" which means I call when I need gas (having to remember they only come to Millis on Monday's. I finally got fed up with the constant checking the tank and August of this year gave up and signed the agreement to take the money out of my account every month ($204)

beginning in Sept. I was TOLD that would set me up on automatic delivery.

Friday night Nov. 5th I came home to the smell of gas! My husband said that usually means the gas is low. I got up and went out with my flashlight

to check the tank, Yep, almost empty! I got on the phone immediately and called the after hours number and had to go through the system to get someone to call me back. Brian the driver called my back and I explained that I had been prepaid since Sept. and not seen a drop of gas. He said I will come in the morning by 9am. Well at 10 am I called him again and he told me the boss said "I am on will call" I said signed agreement and they have over $800 of my money. So he said I will call him again, he called me back and said the boss had updated my history and that I am prepaid but on "will Call"! at this point with 13 people due for dinner that day to celebrate my birthday, the only way he could come is if I gave him ANOTHER $175 cash when he arrived. I said,(now in tears)can't you take it out of the prepayment? and he said I will call the boss again, by this time all I could do was sputter out JUST COME! Made my dinner late and put a damper on my whole birthday. These PEOPLE JUST DO NOT CARE: IT"S MONEY!

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It's all about the MONEY...the root of ALL EVIL

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